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Some details about our events

1. Exibition  Twenty Years Working with Neighbours. Twenty Years Improving the Public Space of the Neighbourhood. Civic Participation is Possible’, curated by Antoni Remasar:

  • 17 large-format panels,
  • English text,
  • a lot of pictures illustrating historical, social, cultural and landscape transformations of the Bon Pastor district

2. A short walk to the roof of the EC1 complex to see our neighbourhood…, guided by Bartosz Pokorski :

  • the new Łódź Fabryczna station (adjacent to our Institute)
  • EC1 complex – the former power station EC1, now the new Science and Technology Center in Lodz
  • panoramic view of the city

3. Show & Lecture by Maciej Kokoszko: Lifestyles and Cities in the Perspective of Kitchen Customs Based on Ancient Byzantine Culture (with dinner):

  • ancient procedures and flavors
  • Antimus, De observatione ciborum
  • Apicius, De re couquinaria libri X
  • Oribasius, Collectiones medicae

4. Mural Sightseeing guided by Urbans Forms Foundation:

  • new works
  • 3D murals
  • “Lost Giants” and the last giant…

Upcoming important dates

Dear Colleagues,

please find upcoming important dates:

31th August – deadline for reception of abstracts (max. 400 words)
5th September – deadline for selection of abstracts and presenting delegates to register for the Conference
10th September – deadline for paying fees
15th Sptember – presentation of the framework programme